Focusing on social change using traditional wisdom and blending it in modern lifestyle. 

Experience Culture, Experience Life

We are a platform that is set to propagate cultural experiences, understanding and learnings across a variety of formats. 


Recalling Roots is a journey of multi-culture and multi-ethnic art forms coming together to bring alive a vivid sensory experience for inner transformation and  social wellbeing. We channel our ideas through planning, organization and promotion of concerts, performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops and talks.

Conceived with the aim of bringing people closer to their roots by disseminating knowledge about indigenous and global traditions, we foster events that bring about a positive social impact and at the same time engender a sense of belonging.



Our Vision is to connect human minds and promote a sustainable, harmonious lifestyle through our cultural experiences. We wish to make arts & cultural experiences accessible to various public forums, rural communities, learning centres and encourage good work of art that connects us to our senses, body, and mind.  



Learn. Create. Inspire.

Who Are We?


Our journey began in 2016 with a jazz tour consisting of a line up of accomplished international artists through a few cities in India. Having had a humble beginning, we grew from there to cover a gamut of activities including travel logs, events, healing through Indian classical music, an upcoming film festival and our line of merchandise. Today we are becoming a platform that is set to propagate cultural experiences across a variety of formats. 


Recalling Roots derives our raison d'etre (reason for existence) from the heritage that we have inherited from our ancestors. We cherish these learnings, get inspired by newer thoughts - and strike a balance between our cultural learnings and modern influences.




Why we are?


We want to enable abundance in a society that puts emphasis on the material over the spiritual. This puts the focus on abundance around  and creates positivity. While we understand the rigors of existence, we want to help soothe and help you discover existential bliss



Our Activities : 


  • document, aggregate and syndicate ethnological content

  • promote rural arts and crafts by representing the rural artisans behind it

  • conduct experiential events by tying up with global and regional communities, organizations, venues and companies that patronize cultural preservation and community based learnings.

  • support education by volunteering to build libraries and sharing adequate resources in remote areas and learning centers. 

  • promote wellbeing both physical as well as mental using ancient existing practices.

  • bridge the global diaspora through bringing together grassroot network of social change organizations and individuals.

  • work with young minds to help shape their world view towards adopting a more accommodating and sustainable lifestyle while appreciating cultural roots


By Nimisha Shankar Feat. Silent Sage

"Chakra harmonizing ragas" is a music presentation comprising a set of 7 Indian classical rags that are said to correspond to the 7 chakras/ energy centers of our bodies. These Ragas, when performed in the right environment are known to induce a harmonizing effect on our chakras, allowing our body organs to heal and discover an optimal balance in their functionality. This project aims to explore the same.


Bihar - OBC Girls High School

Workshop and Masterclass at Muzzarfarpur Bihar, based on classical Indian ragas. Prayer by Rabindranath Tagore translated from Bengali to Hindi. Conducted by: Dr. Pushpa Prasad along with a classical dance masterclass for students there. Exhibition based on folk and tribal art in association with Surangama Kala Kendra.


 A three city tour of an energetic acoustic Guitar/Flute Duo - Music with surprising edge. 

Mark Lotz meets Daniel Marques in a combination of Brazilian music and Jazz. They will present their solo work and as a duo. Their music is at the edge of Jazz and energetic Brazilian music rooted in the tradition (chorro, Samba, Bossa - Nova and Brazilian jazz etc) but heading to new directions.
The 7 strings guitar and the family of flutes both have a huge range in octaves and sonic. Together they produce a sound that hovers between warm and woody and crispy metallic. Urban jazz life, dynamics of Rio's inner city life, vocal eruptions and jungle sounds, this duo does it all.


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